23 Best BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes

Woffice - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes

Actually, BuddyPress is the social networking plugin for social media or WordPress community themes. It allows constructing anyone’s own Facebook. The free and supple BuddyPress plugin is permitted to build a social space for companions and households, advancing a cooperative atmosphere for co-workers and associates, or someplace in-between.

By selecting a theme with a decent choice of BuddyPress page outlines, viewers will be treated
to a steady customer involvement as they browse the site. This covers the activity feeds,
member profiles, registration and login pages, etc.

BuddyPress and its add-ons include many social networking aspects that, while united with
WordPress and the suitable theme, offer limitless potential.

1. KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

Kleo is a remarkable WordPress community theme.

KLEO - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

It contains all the needed elements to create a professional community or social networking site with WordPress. Packed with high-quality pre-made site demos, the Kleo WordPress community theme gives many options for virtual communities. The demos are intended for creating communities that are focused on delivering educational, corporate, entertainment, and eLearning content.

Kleo WordPress’s social networking theme has been made around the influential BuddyPress plugin, which turns WordPress into a social networking platform. It offers many stylish templates and designs for a community site, anyone can use these layouts.

Kleo Social Network WordPress Theme makes it very smooth to personalize the virtual community hub, appreciations mainly to great support for the WordPress Customizer interface that gives anyone full control over the appearance of the website. Also, the Kleo package contains the premium WPBakery Page Builder tool that permits anyone to edit the demos through an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface.

With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Kleo is a top best-selling BuddyPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme that provides anyone with demos for various occasions, with pre-designed templates for over 40 inner BuddyPress pages.

Various aspects will be of particular interest to BuddyPress users such as a BuddyPress profile search tool to help members better connect and support a widespread geo-directory plugin for adding location-based aspects to the community. As this is a wholly multipurpose social community WordPress theme, if anyone requires to add a shop, blog, forum, eLearning, or other components to a social networking website, it is not a problem with Kleo.

Kleo social media WordPress theme offers plenty of customizable layout elements with impressive third-party plugin integrations for adding many kinds of aspects to the website.

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2. Woffice – Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme

Woffice is an amazing WordPress social media theme.

Woffice - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Woffice – Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme

It is intended for intranets and extranets that are powered by WordPress. Three main demos make up the Woffice package, including one made for creating community sites with WordPress. As this is an intranet and extranet theme, the community site will contain everything that is required regarding the login, account, and dashboard areas of the site.

Woffice Social Network WordPress Theme also contains several templates for an inside community site, with various templates that have been intended to work with the interactive aspects of the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins. Another way that anyone can use this theme is to create a wiki.

It is easy to add the wiki content to the community website, serving to make it a further useful resource for members. Other templates, with the ones that cover the calendar and directory, also serve to create a versatile community WordPress theme.

Woffice social community WordPress theme offers decent functionality. It is an intranet and extranet WordPress theme that is made for use with BuddyPress. The demos in this theme package can help anyone to fast set up an aspect-rich private or public community site using WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin. It is also very useful for digital marketing websites.

Some notable aspects of this theme include directory support for publishing user directories and other lists of content on site, Slack integration for showing notifications from the community in Slack channels, and the ability to enable social media logins and registrations to simplify the process for gaining access to the site.

Woffice WordPress’s social networking theme also supports event publishing, giving anyone the ability to hold events on the site besides promoting events that are taking place elsewhere. Appreciations to compatibility with several of the best WordPress plugins, anyone can add a wide range of extra aspects to the website with Woffice.

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3. Sweet Date – More than a WordPress Dating Theme

SweetDate is an exclusive, fresh, and current Premium WordPress theme.

Sweet Date - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Sweet Date – More than a WordPress Dating Theme

It is perfect for a dating or community site but can be used as well for any other domain. It has all the things anyone requires to create a perfect community system. SweetDate can be customized to match any corporate domain.

This WordPress community theme magically responds to the device. It has managed to give viewers the same experience everywhere, anytime, on any device. A customizable Membership Plugin for WordPress integrated with Stripe, Authorize.net, or PayPal for recurring payments, supple content control, themed registration, checkout, and further.

Name and control access for limitless membership levels. Structure membership website in the way that best fits the content, whether anyone is considering a hierarchical or topic-oriented model. This WordPress BuddyPress theme also has predefined some settings for anyone to restrict BuddyPress-related pages for specific member levels.

Lockdown content or custom web applications with ease! Paid Memberships Pro adds a humble admin box to WordPress’s Edit Pages screen allowing anyone to control access for each membership level offered.

All the extra profile information anyone sees on the demo website is available right after anyone has installed the theme. Super customized profile area and notifications for New Messages and New Friendship Request attached to profile button and visible to every page after the user has logged in to the system. This is super useful for any dating website besides for other community portals.

Display the virtual status of registered users in real-time. Anyone can simply find articles, products, pages, etc. while typing. Add albums, photos, audio/video encoding, privacy, sharing, front-end uploads, and more. With WooCommerce, anyone can sell digital, physical, or downloadable products with ease.

The developers have created an intuitive administration panel with tons of options so that anyone can customize it all just the way anyone requires it. Create homepage and all other pages anyone wants with the intuitive custom visual shortcodes.

This plugin includes tons of exclusive transition effects, a picture preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops user interaction, and many easy-to-set options to create effects.

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4. BuddyBoss for Online Communities

BuddyBoss is a superb WordPress social networking theme.

BuddyBoss - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
BuddyBoss for Online Communities

It integrates with the best WordPress plugins to aid anyone to launch a community site. Appreciations to the professional look of BuddyBoss, anyone should not have any trouble in convincing the target audience that the site is a reputable and trustworthy resource.

The templates in the BuddyBoss package cover all the areas the community site should need. For instance, the user profiles, groups, discussion areas, and more. The customization tools and settings make it easy to personalize the pre-made content of BuddyBoss and give the community an exclusive expression.

This Social Network WordPress Theme is also packed with many community aspects such as support for member connections, private messaging, and activity feeds. Anyone can also give users the ability to upload media files and create their picture galleries. Gamifying the virtual community is another option too, thanks to the aspects that let anyone award users with points and badges based on their engagement with the site.

Regarding monetization options, BuddyBoss is not lacking in this area either. Depending on preferences, anyone can charge users a one-time fee to sign up and join the community or anyone can instead opt for charging recurring subscription fees. The eCommerce functionality of BuddyBoss WordPress community theme helps in selling products, for example, digital downloads and physical items, from the site.

BuddyBoss is an interesting all-in-one package for launching aspect-rich community sites. It is an advanced WordPress theme for creating virtual communities and membership websites. Some instances of the aspects anyone can implement on-site with BuddyBoss include the ability for viewers and users to connect in many ways, such as by linking their accounts, sending each other messages, and publishing content.

If anyone wishes to monetize the website, that is possible also. Some options for doing so include charging one-time fees for access to the community or setting up recurring membership plans. Anyone can also take advantage of the full eCommerce support of BuddyBoss to add a virtual store component to the community portal via the WooCommerce plugin.

BuddyBoss social community WordPress theme works with the GamiPress WordPress plugin too. Appreciations to this, anyone can gamify social networks by issuing points that unlock achievements besides rank users based on how they interact with the website. BuddyBoss is also highly configurable, ensuring that anyone can get virtual community or social network watching and working exactly how anyone needs it to.

BuddyBoss WordPress community theme contains high levels of mobile-friendliness besides decent support for creating a mobile app for the site.

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5. Salutation Responsive WordPress Theme

Salutation is a brilliant theme for different kinds of solutions.

Salutation - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Salutation Responsive WordPress Theme

It contains an overwhelming approachable layout. It also includes the incredible Slider Revolution plugin to add awesome layered slide shows with dynamic simulation. Salutation social community WordPress theme contains a fresh layout focused on high-level content organization. It is easy to navigate and promotes a feeling of user satisfaction.

The well-organized menus and page structures encourage a positive user skill allowing viewers to find what they are watching for fast. This WordPress social networking theme includes administration aspects giving anyone complete control of the site’s design and layout. The exclusive and easy-to-manage layout ensures that the website will stand out and be remembered.

Using the drag-and-drop Design Manager, anyone can create custom designs for any page or post. Attach custom headers and footers to designs and interchange them as required. This provides incredible suppleness so that anyone decides how the website appears instead of the theme deciding for anyone.

Anyone can add custom fields to contact forms from the admin options. Any number of custom fields can be created and attached individually to any form. Includes options for custom validation, custom error messages, CAPTCHA, and further.

Create infinite sidebars and add them to custom designs. It is also easy to insert sidebars directly into any content area by using a special shortcode! This social media WordPress theme uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create advanced styles using the latest technologies. Proper heading tags and coding standards are used to ensure outstanding search engine optimization.

The developers take pride in creating well-formatted and easily managed code. They have made this theme jam-packed with so several incredible aspects and functionality.

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6. Aardvark – Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme

Aardvark is a wonderful WordPress social media theme.

Aardvark - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Aardvark – Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme

For those planning to launch a virtual community, whether it is a membership website, a social network, an eLearning platform, or some other type of project, Aardvark could be the theme for the job. It integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress and anyone can use any of the many add-ons available for BuddyPress to enhance the community aspects of the website.

Aardvark social media WordPress theme is also intended to work closely with the Paid Membership Pro plugin. With a tool like Paid Memberships Pro, anyone can create multiple membership levels, with free and paid plans, collect recurring payments, and simply control exactly which content members get access to.

Another way that this theme can be used is to purchase the supported Sensei plugin and start adding eLearning aspects to the WordPress site. Thanks to this, creating courses, quizzes, and other assessments is very straightforward, giving anyone even more options for a community WordPress site.

The premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is involved with this theme, giving anyone the ability to edit any of the demo content to meet necessities. There are also over 200 theme options to work with, that can be accessed through the admin panel. These settings cover everything from uploading the logo picture, adjusting the fonts, and configuring the header and footer areas of the website.

Aardvark is a highly lithe WordPress community theme that lets anyone interact with the community in various ways. It is a multi-purpose BuddyPress WordPress theme with many demos. Some samples of the forms of sites anyone can make with Aardvark and BuddyPress contain virtual communities, paid membership sites, and virtual course platforms.

Appreciations to the social media registration and login functionality, viewers would not even need to sign up if anyone does not need to make them do so. Instead, they can just use their existing accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter to gain access to the site.

With Aardvark WordPress BuddyPress theme, anyone gets many pre-made demos to choose from when starting a website. With demos that cover dating, social networks, intranet, eLearning websites, plus many further, anyone should be able to find a fit option here for a BuddyPress-powered portal.

Aardvark social community WordPress theme contains decent support for right-to-left languages and also works with the top multilingual plugins. If anyone needs to publish content in more than one language or translate the website, anyone can do so with this WordPress community theme.

Whatsoever type of BuddyPress site anyone needs to make, he should be able to get the job done with Aardvark.

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7. Buddy: Simple WordPress Community Theme

Buddy is a social networking WordPress theme.

Buddy: Simple - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme

It is for creating interactive virtual communities. As the name suggests, this WordPress community theme has been made to aid anyone who takes full advantage of the BuddyPress plugin for WordPress. It is smooth to use any of the several add-ons for BuddyPress, besides the core aspects of the plugin to turn WordPress into its very own fully functioning social network.

The default design of this theme contains a central column for showing the latest activity from users, while the columns on either side contain links to member profiles and recent topics. Actually, with limitless sidebars, anyone can choose exactly what content is shown on the site and when. Because of the modular way this theme and its supporting plugins work, anyone can pick and choose which community aspects they need to enable on-site.

So, anyone could opt to use the groups and discussion forum aspects, but not the friendship request and private messaging systems. Whatsoever type of virtual community site anyone wants to create, Buddy WordPress community theme should be able to make it happen. Buddy uses a timeless design that is often overlooked for further fancy and overblown layouts.

With this Buddy social community WordPress theme, anyone is going back to basics in some ways but in terms of aspects and integrations, this theme is cutting edge. The approachable Retina-ready layout means users will be just as at home on site whether they are using a smartphone or tablet, while also getting a great impression of the website, appreciations to its support for the newest generation of high-resolution monitors.

BuddyPress users are well catered for; those wishing to add a discussion forum to their website with the bbPress plugin are also well-supported. Other aspects contain a selection of custom designs, a library of shortcodes, a skin manager, and front-end login and registration pages.

Buddy is a WordPress community theme that BuddyPress users will be able to use to its fullest potential.

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8. Socialize: Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

Socialize is a multi-purpose BuddyPress theme.

Socialize - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Socialize: Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

It is for making virtual communities and social networks. If anyone needs to create a content-focused website that contains many social networking and community aspects, anyone can use the many templates in the Socialize package to publish articles in the right format. It allows giving readers the ability to sign up at the website and begin interacting with each other and content.

Part of this functionality contains letting users rate articles and discuss them, as well as upload their content to the website. If anyone is planning to launch their social networking and community site, then appreciation to integration with the BuddyPress plugin, anyone can add useful aspects to the website with instant messaging, live chat, and groups.

Anyone can also let users create detailed profiles and post updates to their activity feeds. As this is a very supple WordPress community theme, anyone gets full control over how the virtual community or social networking website functions. The layout of the website can be just as simply customized when using the Socialize theme.

The influential theme options control panel takes care of the site-wide adjustments anyone needs to make, while the WPBakery Page Builder is on hand to support anyone personalizing the individual pages that build up the website. Other extras, like the sticky sidebars and multiple header designs, give anyone more choice regarding setting up the site.

If anyone is looking for a well-established social community WordPress theme, Socialize is a safe choice. It is a supple theme that is made around the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins. No matter what type of social or community site anyone is trying to build, this theme should be able to adapt to necessities.

There are also four homepage designs to choose from. With Socialize WordPress community theme, the blog section of the site would not appear like an afterthought either. There are six blog post designs to choose from, permitting anyone to pick the right template for each piece of content anyone publishes. The theme also integrates well with some of the best plugins for WordPress. This contains an events calendar, the virtual shop builder plugin WooCommerce, and the multilingual content manager WPMU.

Socialize WordPress community theme can be used for a wide range of purposes, all of which will aspect BuddyPress or bbPress at their core.

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9. Olympus – Social Networking & WordPress community theme

Olympus is a special WordPress community theme.

Olympus - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme

It has been created to support anyone who makes social networking and virtual community site. With a great mix of aspects and pre-made content, Olympus Social Network WordPress Theme aims to provide anyone with everything that is required to launch their own busy virtual community hub. Anyone also gets access to the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder tool to customize the appearance of the site.

Other customization work can be carried out over the easily accessible admin panel, giving anyone control over the colors, fonts, and layout properties of the community site. Not only is Olympus integrated with BuddyPress, but it is also bundled with Youzer, which extends the community functions on the site. The theme is also compatible with bbPress if anyone wants to contain a forum in the community.

Made around the BuddyPress plugin, Olympus is ideal for creating social networking and community websites with WordPress. It is a social networking WordPress theme that is wholly compatible with BuddyPress. To give anyone an idea of the forms of sites, this theme is best suitable. Olympus offers demos and templates for creating virtual directories, events websites, and even virtual shops.

The individual templates in the Olympus WordPress BuddyPress theme package ensure that anyone can add FAQs, member pages, member activity feeds, and user profile content to the site. Anyone should find it easy to give users lots of privileges to support anyone in creating a virtual community around a chosen topic.

This contains showing all member profiles in a trendy format complete with their profile photo and contact details and adding newsfeeds to the website. All of the content on these pages can be controlled to ensure that the website is set up accurately in the right way for the project, with the privacy of users in attention.

While BuddyPress is at the heart of this WordPress community theme, the popular Youzer user profile plugin for BuddyPress is also heavily integrated into the Olympus theme. Appreciations to this, anyone can take the user handling capabilities of a site to the next level.

All of the Olympus social community WordPress theme templates can be fully customized, appreciations the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

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10. BuddyApp – Mobile First Community WordPress theme

BuddyApp is a mobile-first BuddyPress and community WordPress theme.

BuddyApp - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
BuddyApp – Mobile First Community WordPress theme

Anyone who accesses the website on their smartphone will get the best skill possible, without any compromises to content access or user skill. Some of the community-focused aspects of BuddyApp that anyone might be interested in contain live notifications that make it easy for users to see if there is anything fresh they should check out, the Ajax-powered search tool that simplifies the process of finding things on the website, and the live chat aspect that lets users communicate with each other in real-time, without the need to leave the site.

This WordPress BuddyPress theme offers many useful templates, for instance, the user profile, private group, and discussion area layouts. There are also templates for adding a knowledge base to the site where anyone can share documentation with users. Plus, anyone gets access to designs for publishing picture galleries that users can use to share visual content.

To support anyone in getting the layout of the BuddyPress website just right, BuddyApp offers a premium drag-and-drop page builder tool. With a Creative layout and made with a Mobile-first approach, it is a social community WordPress theme that permits anyone to make a website that stands out from the crowd.

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11. Cera – Intranet Community Theme

Cera is an intranet and community WordPress theme.

Cera - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Cera – Intranet Community Theme

It has a fashionable and current layout. The layout and overall visual style of this WordPress community theme are sure to give the intranet or community site a professional expression and great user skill. Cera offers an assortment of useful and essential templates. Adding a user dashboard, member and group directories, and private forums to the community portal are all covered by the library of pre-made templates in the Cera theme package.

While this theme will work with any standard WordPress plugin, it is created specifically to integrate deeply with a set of tools, including the BuddyPress community plugin, the LearnDash virtual course publishing plugin, and the Youzer user profile enhancement plugin.

While Cera social community WordPress theme works very well for private intranet sites, it is not the only way to use this theme. As it contains a strong focus on creating community sites, this theme is ideal for creating virtual dating websites, eLearning communities, discussion forums, and social networking platforms.

All of the templates of Cera can also be customized, appreciations to the support for the Elementor plugin. This WordPress community theme gives anyone the ability to simply add member and group directories to a website. Anyone can display lists of users in an easy-to-read format while also showing a range of information about them.

All users get access to a nicely designed user dashboard area too, giving them a trendy and functional way to manage their accounts. If users would like to communicate with each other through a site, Cera and BuddyPress can make that possible with a secure private messaging system. As Cera WordPress social networking theme also works very well with the bbPress plugin, anyone can create a private forum for registered users to post messages, ask each other questions, share ideas, and get to know each other better.

Anyone can even enable social networking aspects, for instance, an activity wall that lets users share their thoughts and latest content with their followers, photo and video galleries for storing and publishing a range of media, and the ability for users to connect by becoming friends in a similar way to how relationships and connections work on Facebook.

Cera WordPress community theme should give anyone the ability to add any functionality to the WordPress community site.

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12. Gwangi – PRO Multi-Purpose Membership, Social Network & BuddyPress Community Theme

Gwangi is a fabulous community WordPress theme.

Gwangi - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Gwangi – PRO Multi-Purpose Membership, Social Network & BuddyPress Community Theme

It has a strong focus on creating dating and matchmaking sites. To provide the community and social networking aspects that the dating site will require, Gwangi uses the BuddyPress plugin for its foundation. The developers of Gwangi have modified the default BuddyPress user interface to make it even easier to use while looking arguably more gorgeous.

If anyone wants to monetize a virtual dating website, Gwangi contains full support for the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress. With WooCommerce and its optional free and paid options, anyone can set up aspects like subscription payments that charge users a recurring fee for access to community sites besides the capacity to charge a one-time fee to unlock certain aspects on dating sites, for instance, limitless messaging and full profile access.

Anyone also contains the option of showing adverts on the site, appreciations the support for advertisement placements in the Gwangi dating WordPress community theme layout. All of these useful aspects are wrapped up in a trendy layout that is sure to help the site appeal to the target audience. Gwangi contains nine complete community website demos to choose from.

The templates in the Gwangi WordPress social networking theme demos include a member directory option, enhanced member profile pages, and many matchmaking and dating-related designs for the site. For creating modern dating and matchmaking community sites with WordPress, Gwangi is hard to beat.

Gwangi is a BuddyPress theme for all forms of social networking and community sites. The pre-made demos in this package cover dating, eLearning, and spiritual sites besides some generic options. If anyone needs to monetize the BuddyPress site, Gwangi makes it easy to add free and paid memberships to the community portal.

Through integration with the supported Paid Memberships Pro plugin, anyone can simply restrict access to content so that only certain users can access it, with the option of charging a fee. As Paid Memberships Pro supports one-time and recurring payments, anyone can set subscription pricing up in the way that anyone needs.

Other supported monetization options contain paid aspect access that enables anyone to charge users a fee for access to specific aspects of the website and widgets for showing advertisements alongside content.

For those who plan to promote virtual or offline events on their site, the Gwangi WordPress community theme contains good support for that, also. These could be events that anyone holds inside the community area or are taking place elsewhere that users might be interested in.

Some of the other BuddyPress aspects that anyone can easily use on the site if anyone chooses the Gwangi theme contain publishing member directories, creating user groups, and showing a site-wide activity feed.

Gwangi is a highly versatile BuddyPress theme that is fit for many community websites.

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13. Cinematix – BuddyPress Nouveau Membership Theme

Cinematixis one of the nicest WordPress community themes.

Cinematix - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Cinematix – BuddyPress Nouveau Membership Theme

It works with the 9.x version of BuddyPress. There are more than 40 Carefully Styled Social Pages. Besides, it consists of pre-made frontpages for Elementor Page Builder. However, it allows using any other page builder or using a theme without page builder 3-column layout.

The facility of unlimited color schemes is just awesome. It has a made-in fragment cache. Moreover, the RTL Support makes things easier. It also permits intranet groups. It is smooth to display different content blocks for members and guests.

This Social Network WordPress Theme also comes with the full integration with bbPress. It provides quick and easy full demo content installation by All-in-One WP Migration used by 2+ million people. Furthermore, it contains Integrated with Theme Customization API.

The layout is responsive. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Therefore, it is easy to sell digital and physical goods. Anyone can use it with 100s BuddyPress extensions. There is an Event Manager integration. This theme is also translation ready.

It works great with Paid Membership Pro plugin – sell subscriptions, Like buttons, Achievements and badges, Live notifications.

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14. Beehive – Social Network WordPress Theme

Beehive is a social network WordPress theme.

Beehive - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Beehive – Social Network WordPress Theme

It is for creating virtual communities. Intended to work with BuddyPress, this plugin and the Beehive WordPress community theme give anyone the ability to create a virtual platform where viewers can sign up, create profiles, and connect with other users.

Depending on how anyone configures the theme, the first template that viewers will see when they arrive at the site could be the login and registration page. Once a user contains logged in, they can see the newsfeed that shows the latest activity from the people they follow. They will also be able to edit their profiles, upload content to their photo gallery, and create and join groups.

Because of the way that the Beehive and the BuddyPress plugin work, anyone gets complete control over how virtual community works and which aspects are enabled or disabled. It also contains aspects that enable anyone to post jobs on-site and list products for sale.

If anyone needs to create a jobs board or list vacancies on the website, anyone can use the recommended WP Job Manager plugin and the relevant templates that offer Beehive. Creating a virtual store or adding products to the community is handled in a similar way, but by installing the WooCommerce plugin instead.

Beehive WordPress community theme is fit for creating a wide range of virtual community sites with WordPress. It is a social network WordPress theme that is powered by BuddyPress. Appreciations to its current layout, Beehive is sure to give virtual communities or social networks a trendy and appealing expression.

The demo templates cover all the parts of the site that anyone is likely to require, including the login page, different feeds, and user profiles. There are also templates for adding job listings to the website, publishing products, and creating a blog. Anyone can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin if anyone requires to edit any of the templates, giving anyone full creative control over the website.

Beehive uses Ajax forms to remove the need for page each time a user logs in, updates their feed, or publishes any content on the website. The search tool works similarly, delivering results without the need to reload a page. This all helps to deliver a smooth user experience.

Beehive contains some very professional-looking templates combined with various useful aspects.

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15. Vikinger – BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community

Vikinger is a BuddyPress WordPress theme for the social community and networking website.

Vikinger - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Vikinger – BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community

It is for creating virtual community sites. As this WordPress community theme offers a large library of elegant templates, it should work for different forms of community websites. In the Vikinger package, anyone finds templates for the homepage, user profile, newsfeed, and group pages that they might want to contain in the virtual community.

Vikinger Social Network WordPress Theme contains good eCommerce support, also. Besides being fully compatible with the leading WooCommerce plugin, this theme also offers a set of templates for listing products, showing the shopping cart, and handling the checkout skill.

Vikinger has been also made to take advantage of the GamiPress plugin, which anyone can use a range of gamification aspects in a virtual community to encourage uptake and interactions from users. Creating quests, setting up ranks, and awarding points for various actions can support making the community a place where people like to come back to and spend time building up their profiles.

If anyone needs to make use of the latest gamification aspects to enhance the virtual community, they should check out Vikinger social media WordPress theme.

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16. Seeko – Community Site Builder with BuddyPress SuperPowers

Seeko is a community and membership theme.

Seeko - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Seeko – Community Site Builder with BuddyPress SuperPowers

It is for publishing free and paid content with WordPress. As this theme contains a strong membership component, it is ideal for anyone who needs to charge their users a fee for access to their site and its content. That said, anyone can just as simply set the site up to permit free access to content.

Appreciations to the good membership plugin support, anyone gets a lot of control over how users can access content and on what terms. One of the impressive community aspects of Seeko WordPress community theme is its set of user profile templates. They are well intended and can display a wide range of content about users, making this theme ideal for dating sites and other types of community projects where it is vital that users can express themselves on their profile page.

Other useful aspects that can help enhance community site include the influential search tool that makes it easier for users to find each other and the content they are watching for on-site, the matching system that can service users make connections, and the filter tools that can assist users in finding the groups they want to join.

Seeko social media WordPress theme is ready to go and should contain all of the templates and aspects that the community project needs.

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17. Micro Office | Extranet & Intranet WordPress Theme

Micro Office is an intranet/extranet WordPress theme.

Micro Office - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Micro Office | Extranet & Intranet WordPress Theme

It contains an accent on performance and usability. It is made to improve communication inside a company, firm, or agency and to provide easy and user-friendly access to corporate data. Post events, business notifications, calendars, widgets, corporate graphs, posts, and news easily! The developers have integrated the theme with the BuddyPress plugin permitting employees to build a fully functional community, organize in groups and departments, communicate with ease and fun.

Anyone can run internal polls and research, share results using various graphs. The theme contains full-aspects tools to run virtual courses for employees, both paid and free. Quizzes and tests allow checking the results. The theme contains a file storage module that allows the management of internally important files.

This WordPress community theme is made compatible with WPBakery Page Builder. It helps to create splendid intranet WordPress pages with no coding skills. Too, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid will make the project gorgeous. Also, EventON, BuddyPress, and Content Timeline will help to keep readers involved. WP Pro Quiz and Approachable Poll will service anyone who makes educational tests and surveys.

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18. Join Up – BuddyPress Community Theme

Join Up is a contemporary BuddyPress community theme.

Join Up - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Join Up – BuddyPress Community Theme

It is intended for fresh social networks, forums, or any other type of virtual community site. Join Up is fully compatible with the Elementor Page Builder plugin, bbPress plugin for creating a forum, and The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe plugin.

Anyone also gets Youzify and Slider Revolution plugins bundled for free! Pair this with many social feeds, a news feed, and social share elements as well as elements and aspects for followers, social media, and further, and anyone gets a true social networking powerhouse!

This WordPress community theme has a Powerful Admin Interface. It is also Highly Customizable and no coding knowledge is required.

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19. Cirkle – Social Networking WordPress Theme

Cirkle is an outstanding social network WordPress theme.

Cirkle - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Cirkle – Social Networking WordPress Theme

It contains altogether the aspects that anyone requires for a social networking site. It permits the creation of a dream site by giving anyone massive customization freedom. It combines its One-Click Demo Importer with the default WordPress customizer so anyone can work with any of its 4 homepage demos simply.

Cirkle Social Network WordPress Theme is based on the Elementor Page Builder, which gives anyone a drag and drops webpage creation interface. It is also compatible with Gutenberg, the default WordPress block builder. Cirkle is based on BuddyPress, which extends to anyone the most outstanding social networking aspects.

Users can build friend connections with each other, just as users of popular social platforms similar to Facebook. Cirkle lets users create private and public groups. The administrators of the groups get to manage the joining requests and approvals. This theme has a private messaging system through which users can communicate with each other, one-on-one. Cirkle social community WordPress theme enables users to create discussion forums too.

Anyone can create a system for assigning users and profiles badges for different reasons, for instance, account authenticity verification. Cirkle has a photo, video, and news feed through which users can view a trickle of interesting stuff. Users can react to statuses, posts, and comments.

They should enjoy the browsing experience on-site with its comprehensive Ajax pagination. Cirkle is inarguably one of the best social networking WordPress themes that anyone could go with. The theme is based on BuddyPress, which is the top plugin for WordPress social networking sites.

Cirkle has several aspects that make it the best for any social networking functions anyone may require. It has a fresh and current design that combines with wonderful versatility to put it at the very top. Cirkle has a private message system over which users can communicate with each other, away from prying eyes. Also, if they need to interact with compatible users, they can utilize the theme in discussion forums.

Anyone can create a system for assigning user and profile badges. Cirkle lets users on the site have badges in the same way there are badges on Twitter and Instagram for verified users. Users can view interesting stuff on the news, photo, and video feed. Cirkle lets anyone display the stuff that users post on these feeds.

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20. PowerMag: Bold Magazine and Reviews WordPress Theme

PowerMag is a superb social networking website WordPress theme.

PowerMag - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
PowerMag: Bold Magazine and Reviews WordPress Theme

It is the top approachable BuddyPress WP template having added 1600+ sales and valued customers. Power Mag is a fully trendy ultra-bold news, Magazine, Blogging web-design having fully SEO Optimized Aspects, which do not let hurt Search Engine Ranking of a site on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs); it supports website to stay strong and influential in Search Engines, for instance, Google, Bing, and YAHOO!

It is made with fresh and lightweight coding that does not slow down the speed. It loads on any kind of web browser, for instance, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and IE8+. PowerMag WordPress Theme offers limitless colors and ultimately user-friendly design, for example, it has multiple colored drop-down menus, Professional Social Media Sharing Icons Widget on Top, Breaking New Ticker with both auto and manual buttons, many shortcodes with various elegances, over 200+ icons from Font Awesome resource and much extra.

It is a wholly customizable WP template for everybody, for example, newbies can also simply customize it without having any coding knowledge. It is a wholly approachable mag elegance WP Template that supports many screen resolutions of various electronic devices, for instance, Smartphones and other Computer Screens with Medium and Large Sizes.

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21. Armadon – Gaming Community WordPress Theme

Armadon is a Social Network WordPress Theme.

Armadon - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Armadon – Gaming Community WordPress Theme

It is fit for a range of gaming websites. Armadon is well-optimized and is developed very professionally. It too works well on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. It is designed for shopping virtual stores.

The developers have involved multiple designs for the homepage, product page to give anyone the best selections in customization. Armadon social media WordPress theme is fit for eCommerce sites, for instance, supermarket, style, electronics, houseware, organic, etc. This theme is aimed at anyone setting up a site for eSports communities, gaming tournaments, and publishing game reviews, to name just a few.

Before giving anyone multiple demos to work with, Armadon, instead, comes in one mode that anyone can edit to suit requires. The homepage is packed with elements and anyone can simply customize it to fit the site. Due to the way this theme was created, anyone can edit the progressive designs and templates directly via the WordPress editor.

To extend the functionality of the website, Armadon is compatible with many useful plugins with GamiPress, a tool for rewarding users and gamifying sites. If anyone requires a gaming theme that is packed with templates, be sure to check out Armadon. It is a fantastic and current WordPress theme for the virtual gaming community.

Anyone can customize a site with limitless use of colors, sources, spacers, buttons, blocks, parallax sections, Hero video background, galleries, menus, and several further components. Creation of the directory of custom members with filters according to the profile fields of the custom members is also easy. it is smooth to download the Armadon WordPress theme to create the Gaming Forum site.

This WordPress social media template is customizable in a few clicks and no coding skills are essential. Altogether the code is WP Standards Friendly: No SQL crappy code and no greedy query for a top-notch PHP performance. Developers friendly: Hundreds of Hooks, filters, and actions to properly extend the themes, child themes, and plugins.

The code is SEO Welcoming, fully translatable, and WPML compatible. All changes in live edit with WordPress Customizer. No bloated page builder. The only use of WordPress Core-aspects like Pages, Widgets, and Menus.

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22. Besocial – BuddyPress Social Network & Community WordPress Theme

Besocial is a social networking website WordPress theme, as the name suggests.

Besocial - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Besocial – BuddyPress Social Network & Community WordPress Theme

It integrates seamlessly with all BuddyPress aspects, such as friend connections, private messaging, extended profiles, notifications, activity streams, user groups, etc. This BuddyPress WordPress theme offers incredibly potent theme options that are easy to use. Besocial offers the custom BuddyPress icon menu that helps anyone to find all pages straightforwardly.

This social WordPress theme is wholly compatible with WooCommerce, which offers the ultimate eCommerce solution. Besocial offers limitless customization possibilities; apart from offering a drag and drop page builder and a live editor, the theme also offers custom widgets.

The custom front-end login and registration forms that offer Besocial are supple and customizable. The aspected members’ system that comes with this theme permits anyone to display aspected users in a list or carousel.

Anyone can show sitewide statistics to viewers using some readymade custom widgets, with posts, groups, comments, forums, activity, adores dislikes, and members. Besocial WordPress social media template permits anyone to make custom search forms for tracing members, which are compatible with all profile fields that are extended with BuddyPress.

Anyone can endow a virtual system with a like and dislike rating system. With Besocial, one of the top social network WordPress themes available, website members will receive instant notifications for friend requests, private messages, group invitations, etc.

Besocial integrates seamlessly with all BuddyPress aspects like; extended profiles, friend connections, private messaging, activity streams, notifications, user groups, etc. It also offers some extra power to the theme! It has WooCommerce support. Besides, there is a Like and Dislike Rating System.

This theme consists of the Aspected Member System, User Blog Posts, and Custom BuddyPress widgets. The FAQ System helps users in finding solutions to the problems. It also allows Profile Search, Social Media Sharing Buttons, and Mutual Buddies. Moreover, it offers Front-end Login/Registration and Social Login. There are Unlimited Sidebars, Mailchimp integration, Facebook Comments, and so on.

This theme is fully approachable. It is also exclusive, fresh, and has a current layout. Fonts and color schemes can be changed from theme settings simply. Anyone can create exclusive page designs with drag and drop SiteOrigin Page Builder. There are 20 awesome custom page builder widgets.

Anyone can change the menu icons, titles, the order of the menu items, enable/disable any of them or create a custom user menu. The Made-in Facebook comments aspect makes it simple to add the Facebook comments system to the WordPress site without any hassle. Show a list of mutual friends on a BuddyPress member profile and member list page similar to Facebook.
Anyone can add as several sidebars as anyone requires.

Anyone can assign specific sidebars to any post, page, or category. Besocial WordPress social media theme offers social media sharing buttons of widespread social networks.

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23. Gorgo – Multi-Purpose Collaborative Blog & Community BuddyPress Theme

Gorgo is an outstanding community theme.

Gorgo - BuddyPress WordPress Community Themes
Gorgo – Multi-Purpose Collaborative Blog & Community BuddyPress Theme

It deserves a place among the best BuddyPress WordPress themes. It is dedicated to avid writers and readers where together can interact and shop. The author’s profiles that offer Gorgo are unbelievably advanced to showcase altogether the info that they would like to share about their interactions and activities on the website.

By being equipped with intuitive search functionality, this social WordPress theme permits users to search the topics they adore fast. Gorgo offers anyone an incredible array of design options, from navigation panels, headers, footers, and sidebars to blog pages, shop pages, and homepages. Despite the BuddyPress WordPress theme being SEO ready, it is too compatible with Yoast SEO so that anyone can build content, even added, SEO-friendly.

Gorgo is perfect for a blogging community, community network, membership websites, dating websites, community forums, coaching communities, WooCommerce sites, and several other functions. This theme’s eCommerce capabilities contain the quick view, wishlist, product picture flipper on hover, and infinite scrolling.

Gorgo WordPress social media theme also gives anyone the AdRotate Banner Manager with which anyone can add advertisements to the website. Limitless website customization with infinite use of colors, fonts, spacing, buttons, blocks, parallax sections, Video Hero background, galleries, menus, and several further components.

This theme is customizable in a few clicks and no coding skills are vital. The code is WP Standards Friendly: No SQL crappy code and no greedy query for a top-notch PHP performance. Developer welcoming: Hundreds of Hooks, filters, and actions to properly extend the themes, child themes, and plugins.

The code is SEO-welcoming and fully translatable and WPML compatible. All variations in live edit with WordPress Customizer. Customized widgets created especially for direct implementation. Creation of custom members directory with filters based on custom members profile fields.

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