Best 9 EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme for Digital Product

Eidmart - WordPress Video Theme

WordPress marketplace theme is the perfect choice to sell your digital goods through the internet. Be it a freelancer, a financier, or a digital corporate expert, everybody has something to trade. For instance, a freelance writer can sell a book, a financier can launch a virtual course, and so on.

Therefore, the sellers can stop depending on third-party websites for trades and create their own WordPress marketplace theme. The Easy Digital Downloads themes make it pretty easy and quick to do.

Below are the best Digital Marketplace WordPress Themes built in Easy Digital Downloads.

1. Eidmart | Digital WordPress Marketplace Theme

Eidmart - WordPress Video Theme
Eidmart | Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Eidmart is the best WordPress marketplace theme for digital products or services that helps to sell digital merchandise, amenities, and so on. It is made on the basis of WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads. Anyone can sell digital things such as software, music, stock photos, video, audio, arts, plugins, themes, ebooks, fonts, files, tutorials, and many more things by using the WordPress marketplace theme called Eidmart.

Both Single and Multivendor purposes can be accomplished by this. Every vendor can get commissions from the owner of the site. The Easy Digital Download’s Front-end Submission (FES) plugin is so smart that it can permit anyone to upload their digital pieces of stuff and sell them through the website and only the installation is needed to do that. Its design is exclusive and fresh centered on modern technology with amazing features.

The most widespread drag and drop page builder elementor plugin is simply wonderful. It helps in creating the web pages fast and no one has to know any code for doing so. Nonetheless, Eidmart WordPress marketplace theme has substantial customisation and organisation for marketing diverse types of digital things. As a one-click demo importer has been used, only a single click is enough to install Eidmart.

Indeed, Eidmart WordPress marketplace theme is pretty flexible as far as using the Google fonts and the brand colour is concerned. The marketplace WordPress theme settings are so easy and flexible that anyone can effortlessly alter the fonts and brand colour. Eidmart marketplace WordPress theme is always working on new demos and characteristics. As a result, the users can easily select the chosen sample for his or her marketplace.

The 80+ premium quality exclusive elementor addons are accessible to use anywhere on the site. If the users use the gorgeous features, then it will make their marketplace look more vigorous and vibrant.

The freshly distributed special 5 versions are so helpful in selling diverse kinds of things. Certainly, any kind of digital item or service can be sold by using the demos:

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2. Olam – Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace WordPress Theme

Olam - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
Olam – Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace WordPress Theme

Olam is a helpful WordPress marketplace theme that allows to set up a virtual store or market using Easy Digital Downloads. By using it, the sellers can sell digital goods such as Software, audio/video files, themes and plugins, stock photos, and the like. With the assistance of full certification and Unyson page builder, it does not take much time to start selling digital things online.

Olam WordPress marketplace theme has so many features and is made well-suited with the utmost widespread EDD extensions that permit the sellers to create something mindblowing. Olam is a solo merchant digital store.

However, EDD Front End Submission extension (FES) is needed to make it a marketplace that will let other sellers list their goods. Once the EDD FES extension is installed and the basic setup is done, then the website turns into a marketplace.

The sellers can use the Easy Digital Downloads theme for various purposes such as selling stock images, audio files, icons and fonts, software downloads, video footage, permitting single person bookings, constructing a marketplace to sell pre-packaged services, and constructing a ThemeForest like the digital marketplace.

It is worth mentioning that Olam WordPress marketplace theme has compatibility with all common EDD extensions. For instance, Easy Digital Downloads Wishlists, EDD Recurring Payments, EDD Front End Submission, EDD Auto register, EDD Reviews, EDD Points & Rewards, EDD Social Login, EDD Free Downloads, and so on.

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3. Stocky – A Stock Photography WordPress Marketplace Theme

Stocky - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
Stocky – A Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

Well, Stocky WordPress marketplace theme is a Stock Photography Marketplace Theme, which is built on WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads. The site can run as a separate e-commerce site with the help of the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

It permits the sellers to sell their photos all the same as any massive virtual marketplace. The sellers can permit anyone to upload their photos and sell through their site and only the existing extensions in an EDD Pass are necessary to do it. This entire process will turn the site into a complete marketplace. Frankly speaking, anyone can demo it to see an instance of the vendor competencies.

Notably, Stocky WordPress marketplace theme includes page prototypes for several significant pages. Whereas, the vendor pages show all of that seller’s pieces of stuff together with the seller’s name, member facts, avatar, memoir, and a ‘contact form’ for the consumers to communicate with the user in a straight line. Furthermore, in Stocky, the Login and Register pages do not require diversions.

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4. ThemePlace – Marketplace WordPress Theme

ThemePlace - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
ThemePlace – Marketplace WordPress Theme

Indeed, ThemePlace is one of the popular Marketplace WordPress Themes. Most importantly, its design is exceptional. The awesome digital products such as Softwares, audio files, stock photos, plugins, themes, and so on. With the help of detailed documentation and elementor page builder. ThemePlace WordPress marketplace theme is more than just a theme; it is a marketplace that contains limitless prospects.

In ThemePlace WordPress marketplace theme, all the files are well-organised. Moreover, it is not only easily usable and editable but also very simply customisable. In a word, it is a wonderful theme for selling digital products. Remarkably, its one-click demo import choice creates the website in just 5 minutes.

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5. Mayosis – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Mayosis - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
Mayosis – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Mayosis WordPress marketplace theme is the right choice if anyone wants to sell their pieces of stuff, for example, music, code snippets, Softwares, stock photography, digital services, templates, ebooks, arts, themes, tutorials, stock footage, plugins, etc. Notably, both WordPress and free Easy Digital Downloads are used to build it.

Mayosis freelance marketplace WordPress theme is so smooth that it lets anyone create their marketplace, for example, Amazon, CreativeMarket, Themeforest, Etsy, or eBay. Interestingly, just some hours are needed to create the website and sell things. The WordPress marketplace theme is greatly personalised and systematised for selling various kinds of digital goods.

The help of the Integrated WPBakery Page Builder plugin is enough to set up the web pages fast and visually and no single piece of code needs to be known for this task.

Mayosis WordPress marketplace theme also allows anyone to build a marketplace for others where individuals are marketing their produces by a particular person’s marketplace. Obviously, Mayosis marketplace theme WordPress permits that with a supplementary FES (Front End Submission), which is an EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) extension. Mayosis also supports added widespread extensions, for instance, EDD Commission.

Nonetheless, the free Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin is needed by Mayosis, which is a WordPress theme. To run the online store, this will be sufficient. However, a payment gateway extension needs to be bought from the EDD website to enable the payment gateway.

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6. Aabbe – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Aabbe - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
Aabbe – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Aabbe is also an effective WordPress marketplace theme that helps anyone to purchase and sell each particular digital merchandise accessible on the internet. It is a comprehensive solution for anybody. Aabbe WordPress marketplace theme has a ‘fresh’ and Minimal Modern Design and Features. It is set with the backing of the platform called Easy Digital Downloads. It is so well-suited for constructing any marketplace to sell the things, for instance, arts, music, templates, digital services, themes, tutorials, stock footage, plugins, code snippets, stock photography, Softwares, or ebooks.

Aabbe easy digital downloads theme is effortlessly customisable and navigable by anybody having an understanding of WordPress and Elementor. Anyone can not only sell their items but also other sellers can join as it is a multi-vendor and the support from the front-end submission is available.

Undoubtedly, it will assist in running the business or marketplace since it has Right Credentials and Devoted Support. In a nutshell, it is one of the finest WordPress marketplace themes that anyone can go for.

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7. Market – Marketplace WordPress Theme

Market - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
Market – Marketplace WordPress Theme

Market – Marketplace WordPress Theme can help to make a complete marketplace such as Envato Elements or ThemeForest with digital goods. It permits front-end item submissions with the influential add-on (non-compulsory funded plugin): front-end submissions. Each writer can make their own exclusive storefront with bio, custom header image, etc.

By using it, a marketplace such as Fiverr can be created and services can be offered by adding the ‘free’ add-on. Market – WordPress marketplace theme is easy to sell physical goods too by adding shipping selections with the ‘Simple Shipping’ add-on.

Fortunately, by using the ‘Digital Marketplace Bundle’ (non-compulsory paid plugin), more cutting-edge traits can be added. For example, Wishlists, Points & Rewards, Author Commissions, Social Login, etc.

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8. Restored MarketPlace – WordPress Theme

Restored MarketPlace - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
Restored MarketPlace – WordPress Theme

The Restored Marketplace is constructed on the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. A virtual store or marketplace can be made with minimum cost by applying this WordPress marketplace theme. Any digital products can be sold [Software, music, stock photos, audio files, videos, plugins, digital graphic arts like photos, themes, filters, templates, or icons, etc.] by using the extremely popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

The detailed documentation is of much help because of which it will take only a few moments to create the site and start selling the digital things virtually.

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9. DGWork – Responsive Digital Shop & Market Easy Digital Downloads Theme

DGWork - EDD Based WordPress Marketplace Theme
DGWork – Responsive Digital Shop & Market Easy Digital Downloads Theme

DGWork is a Responsive WordPress marketplace theme, which is also effective in creating websites. It can be installed with just one click. It is fully compatible with the popular EDD addons. The digital products that can be sold by using DGWork are: code, stock photography, e-book, web templates, creative design, all kinds of downloadable products and the like.

The frontend submissions allow the sellers to transform the site into a full-fledged, multi-vendor digital marketplace. In addition, the license keys for the Software and digital products can be sold. Through Easy Digital Downloads, flexible subscriptions can be sold. Likewise, the pre-built home templates add an aesthetic look to the website.

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